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Dani is a freelance filmmaker based in Jerusalem, Israel. 

He offers a full film production pipeline beginning with concept development and leading your idea through all stages of production until your vision is realized. 

Services include writing, directing, cinematography, producing, editing, and production fixing (fixer). 

Dani's work ensures a standard of filmmaking familiar to Western audiences, rooted in him from his years in New York, yet, through his experiences in South East Asia he offers a unique
and fresh approach that is sure to catch the eye of international audiences.

Below are some of the brands and companies of the satisfied clients Dani has made projects for.

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Dani Fahn Schoffman

Dani was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.


In 2016 Dani graduated from the Film and TV Department of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. 

From New York, Dani moved to Myanmar (Burma), where he spent two years working as a freelance director, and founded, Yangon Streetlight Productions, a Yangon based production company. 

Dani has been the New Media Director for The Nation Foundation, an NGO sponsoring schools in Uganda, for the last several years. He travels there often to film the promotional videos of the foundation. 

Today Dani is living in Israel, where he has founded Kinhouse Creative, his Tel Aviv-based production company.

Festivals & Awards:

Dani's NYU senior thesis film, The Pixie Fighters, was an official selection of the London Liftoff Online Festival, 2016.

The Pixie Fighters won the Grand Prize at the 5th Seoul Guro International Kids Film festival, 2017.

The Pixie Fighters won the Best Student Film award at the 20th Long Island International Film Expo, 2017.

The Pixie Fighters was an official selection of the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival, 2017.

The Pixie Fighters was an official selection of the International Children's 
Television Festival Dytiako, 2017.

The Pixie Fighters was an official selection of the 3rd All Lights India
International Film Festival.



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Cell:  +972546677814

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